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About us...

Don lives in hippy North Warrandyte and blows unpredictable intervals on his tenor sax for therapy, pondering the whereabouts of legendary hornman Mark Simmonds. Paul lives in nouveau bourgeois Northcote, tries hard to be a good father and partner, and to keep the brakes on the vampire within.
Don favours Australian jazz and haunts Bennett's Lane, where many a legend mistakes his familiar face for tenorman Graham Lyle. Paul loves dead black guy jazz (bebop to post bop) and music by aging punks and new-wavers, and can still remember 3RMT.
Don loves to cook. Paul loves to cook, too.
Don used to race motorcars, directed revues written by the student David Williamson, waxes lyrical about Italian cinema, and still loves riding and driving Paul used to rock climb, go on long bike rides, and get lost in the wilds of Tasmania, and is rediscovering his passion for photography.
Don's entered the IT sector as an analyst before it was called IT. He has a greater affinity for valves than doped silicon, and can name all the members of 'The Bunch'. Paul thought he could make the world a better place as a structural engineer. Hmmm. Now his part-time passion extends to daylight hours and as a bonus he gets paid.
After a first life as an analyst and a general manager and a project manaager and a consultant Don discovered a second life as a programmer, about the time he discovered Delphi. Now he lives and breathes OOP, hangs with the Melbourne Patterns Group posse on alternate Wednesdays, and discusses XP over strong black coffee. Paul started out in Basic on a mini-computer at high school, then moved through Fortran and Turbo Pascal till he found truth and light with C and then OOP and C++. Delphi was an unwelcome diversion for a couple of years, but its still the easiest way to program Windows (and now Linux wahoo!), and it just gets better and better...
Don is an outsider of the natural leader variety, was Treasurer and is now President and centre half-forward for ADUG. Paul is an outsider of the misunderstood artist/geek variety, cuts up the oranges for ADUG and is the Secretary again.
Don is an active student of most things except spectator sport and popular music, but otherwise can pass as a healthy, centred person. Paul is a pathological malcontent, but thanks his lucky stars he has some talent as a geek, though he'd never tell you that...
Don and Paul are both serious and passionate about excellence in the product and process of software. If you're in the market for some of this, our contact details are at the top of the page.

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