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TurboPower open source software
An overview of the TurboPower projects on SourceForge. Presented at the May 2003 Melbourne ADUG meeting. PowerPoint97 slides (142kB)
Transacted INI Files
An introduction to a Delphi class, TXPTransactIniFile, that extends TIniFile by adding a transaction facility for INI file content changes. Presented at the February 2003 Melbourne ADUG meeting. PowerPoint 97 slides and code (99kB)
DUnit plug-in for Delphi
An Open Tools API wizard that assists in the creation of DUnit tests. Presented at the December 2002 Melbourne ADUG meeting.
Yet another Singleton?
Hell no! An introduction to the EPC's Singleton classes. These Delphi classes can refactor another class to a Singleton by changing its base class and zero or two simple code changes. No special constructors required. Presented at the January 2002 Melbourne ADUG meeting.
CodeJumper plug-in for Delphi
An Open Tools API wizard that increases the IQ of Delphi's IDE editor. Presented at the December 2001 Melbourne ADUG meeting.
Plug-in, Switch On, Fall Over - Adventures with the Open Tools API
An introduction to the plug-in architecture for Borland's RAD tools. Presented at BorCon AsiaPacifc 2001.
Document Version Control with CVS
An introduction to the Version Control tool, CVS. Presented at BorCon AsiaPacific 2001.





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